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Government Customer Experience & Engagement Summit

As constituents' expectations evolve alongside technological advancements, government agencies must adapt their services to better meet the needs of customers across the nation. Doing so requires focus on and investment in the customer experience (CX). And with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) leaders are looking to its potential to improve CX. How is the rise of cutting-edge technologies like AI reshaping traditional approaches to government CX? What lessons are being learned along the way? How can leaders ensure that they are improving operations while placing equity at the heart of engagement strategies?

The Government Customer Experience & Engagement Summit convened top thought leaders and experts from government and industry to explore the state of government CX today — and look ahead to the future.

Throughout the program, participants had the opportunity to follow along two distinct tracks that cater to diverse interests and objectives: technology and culture. The technology track  engaged attendees in conversation surrounding the digital transformation of CX, its challenges and opportunities, while also exploring the integration of new technologies. Meanwhile, the culture track invited discussions on leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and the importance of cultivating a positive work environment.

From identifying pitfalls to highlighting innovative solutions, this event served as a crucible for knowledge exchange, fostering a collaborative environment where lessons learned become the building blocks for a customer-centric government.

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