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Join us Thursday, February 22nd at 7:30am ET

As custodians of critical information and public trust, government employees confront intricate security challenges in a landscape filled with multifaceted threats. They require a sophisticated approach to the technology that underpins their operations. IT leaders are strategically incorporating specialized frameworks into their tech stacks, thereby gaining comprehensive control over mobile operations. This encompasses overseeing identities, managing software permissions, monitoring company apps, and implementing remote management — all tailored to their specific needs. The question emerges: where should leaders focus their efforts to enhance the resilience of their workforce?

During this half-day in-person event, presented by Verizon and Google Pixel, leaders from government and industry will delve into the unique security dynamics within the public sector. Engaging discussions will center around emerging best practices, cutting-edge technologies, and strategies aimed at enhancing the security posture of mobile government workers.

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