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Establishing a Network Infrastructure to Deliver Future-Ready Performance

Agencies have vastly different experiences when updating their infrastructure to hybrid and multi-cloud or infrastructure as a service. Currently, smaller agencies are making progress, but large agencies are struggling to move their systems to Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS). The US army is at the forefront of this type of innovation, establishing the Software Factory, spearheading Project Convergence, and publishing a unified network plan in 2021. This session will engage army network leaders to discuss common obstacles in forging ahead, lessons they’ve learned that can be shared, and the resources that may be available to help others through development and transition.


Dovarius Peoples, Chief Information Officer (CIO/G6), U.S. Army Corp of Engineers
LTC Phillip Smith, Network CFT Information System Development Officer, Army Futures Command
Terrance Westerfield, Strategic Business Development, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Anne Armstrong, VP, Strategic Alliances, GovExec