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Accelerating Special Operations Modernization

From the ever-expanding threat landscape to the prevalence of remote work, there is a critical need to transform and evolve the technology powering U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). A modern environment provides the updated networking, cybersecurity, data strategy, and remote work capabilities required for mission success at a global level. During this digital event, GovExec will sit down with USSOCOM and private-sector leaders at the 2022 SOFIC Conference in Tampa, FL to discuss accelerating digital transformation, such as Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, software-defined networks, Zero Trust, and expanding the service’s ability to implement more secure and robust technology modernization at an enterprise scale.


Daniel Lynch, Chief Software Integration Officer, Special Operations Forces (SOF) Digital Applications

Ryan K. McLean, Director, TAK Product Center and Chief Engineer, PEO SOF Digital Applications, USSOCOM, SOF AT&L

Vimesh Patel, Chief Technology Advisor, DoD/IC, World Wide Technology

George Jackson, Director of Events, GovExec