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Join us virtually on Thursday, September 28th at 2pm ET

Whether it is a battlefield, a rescue operation or a law enforcement exercise, government teams require dependable access to data and communications regardless of their location. They need to be able to access and share data with allies and partnering agencies in secure ways.

The Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control (CJADC2) Program is designed to address those challenges by permitting all branches of the services, partners and allies to connect with one network or data layer that makes information available wherever and whenever needed.

What are the technology challenges to working with a global infrastructure and achieving data sharing at the edge and what are the organizational road bumps to making it happen? The scale of government efforts requires an agile approach with reach. With budgetary realities limiting some solutions, what lessons can be learned from other agencies?

Join GovExec and Intelsat in this webcast to learn about the progress DOD is making and what lessons all agencies and industry partners can take away from the journey to date.