Join us Wednesday, June 29, 2022 at 1:00pm ET

As organizations continue to digitize their business and employees are empowered to leverage these capabilities, it’s no wonder security teams struggle to keep track of infrastructure, applications, cloud services and SaaS usage—let alone ensure security policies are adhered to across these environments. The attack surface is dramatically and vastly expanding, and without the proper automation, it is unlikely that security teams will have the visibility, control, and timely threat intelligence they need to manage it.

In the wake of large-scale attacks against software such as log4j, Accellion, SolarWinds, and Exchange, and with large-scale supply chain breaches becoming common—ASM is no longer a nice to have option, but a must-have for security teams.

How can updating the approach to attack surface management help enable safe adoption of new technology and processes that speed innovation? How can proper inventory of an enterprise’s assets allow for better vulnerability detection and management of changes in the attack surface? Join us for this discussion on how to enable your security teams to operationalize intelligence and move your security from reactive to proactive.