Blueprints for Modern Government: Experience

Effective human-centric design and equitable delivery approaches can help public sector organizations create great experiences for nearly everyone. Experiences shape how people evaluate relationships in our digital, customer-driven world. Government employees, citizens, and businesses are governments’ customers. They expect reliable, seamless, always available services -- whether they order from an online retailer or apply for state or federal medical assistance. Public sector organizations can improve those experiences by helping people feel safe, secure, and respected in these moments that matter. But that’s not always the case. In a recent study, only 38-percent of people felt like a valued customer when dealing with the government. Competition in government does not mirror competition in the private sector, but people make choices as taxpayers, voters, and employees. So, in order for governments to better serve citizens’ needs, they can focus on digitizing the experiences that matter most and delivering them in equitable ways.

This program will share some best practices from federal, state & local, and private sector leaders in Experience -- on some of the things that matter most and how organizations can modernize faster. We’ll also explore methods that will help you understand users’ needs to design and deliver better digital experiences.