The Changing Face of Identity Challenges with Biometrics for Law Enforcement

Join us June 29, 2021 from 2:00-3:00 PM EST!

Given the increase in cybersecurity due to shifting political factions to vulnerabilities with those systems or institutions either via physical or virtual malfeasance, it’s essential that law enforcement and justice agencies across the federal government stay ahead of the curve, developing systems that proactively spot fraud and minimize threats through proper use of biometrics, automation, and machine learning technologies. 

Agencies are top of mind balancing the complexity of capture and custody of biometric information with its newer markers, while scaling systems to make that information more accessible for mission directives and maintaining public trust and security standards for that information. 

Whether it is simply the virtue of having more information that is required for successful mission use or the complexities of navigating newer cyber security standards all are required for a safer and more secure world.

But how exactly are these new technologies being implemented and adopted? What steps are being taken to distribute them to agents while protecting access? And above all, how has their adoption affected the safety and efficiency of field operations?

Join us as we sit down with law enforcement leaders in technology from across the federal government to learn how they’re preparing their teams, offices, and projects to understand the changing face of biometrics and its challenge to fulfill their mission of ensuring public safety in an increasingly uncertain world.