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Join us Virtually, Wednesday, September 20th at 2pm ET

Amidst external threats and evolving technologies at the intersection of cyber and national security, today’s federal IT leaders face numerous challenges in developing and preparing for the next generation of networking solutions.

Though no shortage of solutions exist to deliver data at the edge, and myriad tools are available, many leaders remain at a crossroads. As they work to deliver tools that modernize workloads and prepare their teams for what’s next, many look for best practices, and to other organizations, to find success- everything from proper policy research and execution to ways to properly assess metrics for operational success and impact before they even begin.

In such a complex arena, how should public and private sector officials work together to approach a modernized data infrastructure? What does a modern and efficient cyber operation look like? And what trends should federal agencies prepare for when it comes to implementing the latest emerging technologies? In this episode, join GovExec, Lumen and Palo Alto Networks as they sit down with leaders for a discussion on the road ahead for modern data, networking, and workforce capabilities