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The future of government missions depend directly on a cohesive data management strategy. Agencies across the federal, state and local governments must be able to collect, ingest, and move data to where it can best be leveraged as a decision-making tool. With an influx in data collection, technology leaders are facing a massive opportunity to harness the power of their resources, but many still face scattered, siloed, or entirely inaccessible data. How can agency leadership and IT practitioners effectively route data to where it can be used at its full potential? How can agencies extract and leverage data stored across disparate data silos across the organization? How can agencies gain observability into their data pipelines?

Join GovExec and Cloudera to better understand the current challenges delaying efficient data collection and decision-making, how security and governance can impact data flow, and outline a roadmap for enabling a flexible and scalable data management strategy.

Data in Motion: Breaking Down Data Silos for Better Agency Outcomes


Evan Albert, Director of Measurement and Analytics, VA

Ian Brooks, Principal Solutions Engineer, Public Sector, Cloudera

Anne Armstrong, Vice President of Strategic Alliances, GovExec 360