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Tuesday, April 19, 2022 | 1:00pm ET

The Navy requires a powerful fleet to contend with the current threat landscape as well as unpredictable future adversaries. A modern, electric-drive naval fleet not only means extra power, but also more efficient uses of existing power, and more unique power qualities. Many approaches, such as stored energy, hybrid electric hard drives, power modules, and leveraging existing architectures, are being employed in order to meet the Navy’s electrical power needs. However, with all eyes on future combat ships and submarines, it is vital that the Navy is still focused on its environmental footprint and creating a culture of sustainable shipbuilding. During this digital event, GovExec TV and Leonardo DRS will sit down with U.S. Naval leaders and experts at Sea-Air-Space in National Harbor, Maryland to discuss the crucial strategies and emerging technologies at play to provide the U.S. Navy fleet with greater power. This program will explore the exciting solutions and challenges ahead for the electrification of the Navy, from new and advanced weapon systems to escalating fuel costs.