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Right now, more US Military personnel and resources are focused on the Indo Pacific Region than any other time in recent history. As changes continue to unfold in this volatile region, nations are driven together to face burgeoning challenges, looking for opportunities to enhance command and control capabilities and facilitate mission critical information sharing between allied forces. The scope of Mission Partner Environment (MPE) programs are rapidly expanding in response to these shifting priorities within the largest military theater in the world.

How are these programs enhancing the Warfighter’s ability to share at the speed of operations and meet those new challenges? How are these programs providing expedited data access and secure collaboration? Where are military leaders expecting the greatest strategic shifts and how are they preparing? What are some of the key policy limitations and shortfalls that are limiting partner sharing and interoperability? Where does the government want industry to focus now and in the future? How can industry and government better partner? How do MPEs impact and enhance JADC2? Join GovExec and GDIT at the largest event in the Pacific Rim focused on regional defense issues for a peek behind the curtain for what’s to come in shaping present and future regional discourses.


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Bob Sholtis, Deputy AC/S G39 & G6, U.S. Marine Forces Pacific

Brigadier General Mark Miles, Director of J6, U.S. INDOPACOM

Charles White, Chief Technology Officer, Fornetix

Colonel Adam Sanderson, Director of Plans (G5), I Corps

Colonel Elizabeth Casely, Communication Director (G6), I Corps

Dr. John Sahlin, Director of Cyber Solutions, GDIT

Eric Tapp, Senior Executive, Business Development, GDIT Defense Division

George Jackson, Executive Producer, GovExec TV