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Join us July 21, 2022

Of the groups most heavily affected by the COVID pandemic, few have seen a greater shift in their roles, responsibilities, and daily lives than federal employees. For some, the changes have been as small as working from a new location. For others, as dramatic as rethinking their entire role and responsibilities. The unifying factor, however, is the sheer scope of issues at hand: what it means to be in public service has grown exponentially, and so often, the understanding of what that requires has not followed.

This summer, join Government Executive and Nextgov as they break down some of these challenges, and seek solutions for the many affected by them. From emerging trends in technology to the workforce, and everything in between, the sheer quantity of issues is matched only by their many complexities, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Join us as we hear agency leaders in all forms, from one on one discussions, to panels on the state of key issues, and seek to define public service for the digital age, and one that’s ready for the future of work.