Join us Monday, June 27, 2022 at 2:00 PM ET

As government agencies seek to rebuild their workforces in the wake of the covid pandemic, many are taking the opportunity to reimagine their traditional human capital strategies and goals. Faced with everything from a Great Resignation to paradigm shifts in what skills and backgrounds employees can bring to the table, the latest challenges are complex, and demand thinking beyond the traditional solutions like recruiting new talent and increasing pay.

For many, this means strategic investments in modern IT infrastructure, and in particular automation. Under these types of tools, government agencies and K-12 providers can offload low-value work and eliminate so called “time taxes”, allowing employees to focus less on inefficiencies and redundant work, and more on serving the mission. The outcome isn’t just greater capacity and speed, but improved employee and citizen engagement.

In solving for productivity while also contributing towards a better, more respectful and fulfilling work environment for employees, these innovations can often kill two birds with one stone, delivering solutions for today and paving the way for solving the challenges tomorrow.

But how are agencies preparing for these human capital and technology initiatives? How can they continue to build trust both from employees and in their solutions? And how can the public sector use these tools like automation and analytics to improve and assess workforce development?

Join Zendesk and GovExec TV for a virtual program diving into the employee experience journey from a federal, state and local lens. Leaders will discuss challenges, solutions, and best practices as they balance advancing their service and keeping workforce needs at the forefront of the mission.