Leveraging Data to Protect, Detect, and Recover from Cyber Threats

Data is the backbone of government operations and protecting it has never been more critical. Against increasingly sophisticated malicious cyber campaigns that threaten the public sector, government agencies must deploy the right strategies and technologies to not only effectively protect data against cyber attacks, but also leverage data to actually detect those threats. At the same time, data recovery must be a top priority in keeping mission-critical applications running amid a cyber or natural disaster. This program will explore the central role data plays in government cybersecurity. In conversations with government and industry experts, we will explore emerging technologies, policy guidance such as the cyber Executive Order, and strategic questions government technology leaders should consider when evaluating data’s role in their cyber posture.


Kurt Steege, Chief Technology Officer, ThunderCat Technology

Michael Baker, Staff VP, Chief Information Security Officer, General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc.

Praveen Vunnava, Chief Technology Officer, Veritas

Ron Bewtra, Chief Technology Officer, Department of Justice

George Jackson, Director of Events, GovExec Media