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M4PS Content Marketing Review

Market Connections is known in the B2G space for delivering actionable insights. While most of our work is designed to help our clients understand where they stand in the market or to position them as market leaders, the M4PS Content Marketing Review is our way of giving B2G marketing teams sound tactical insight that will result in a higher return on investment.

The on-demand recording of the Spring 2023 M4PS Content Marketing Review is available for purchase now.

This study gets to the ”why” and the “what” of your B2G marketing strategy to help you make choices that align with your company’s broader goals and budget needs. We are a partner in helping you achieve maximum results. 

This on-demand workshop will give you the insights and information you need to go into FY24 primed for success. You will have access to:

  • Four panel discussions among industry peers sharing their experiences and perspectives on marketing the buyer’s journey, creating impactful contents, hosting events (in person and online), and how to do all of that on a budget.
  • The full report containing all of the data: content preferences, types of information the audience wants… and when, must-dos for events, and more.
  • A one-page graphic with the data highlights to keep top of mind as you implement your plans.

You get all of this for only $275!

About the Study

This study represents the views of 500 federal and state/local decision makers. Whether you are interested in creating a broad awareness campaign or designing a more focused agency-based marketing effort, you can expect the information and content within the Content Marketing Review report to provide pertinent, actionable information to inform your marketing plans and strategies.

About Market Connections

Market Connections, a portfolio platform of GovExec, delivers actionable intelligence and insights that enable improved business performance and positioning for leading businesses, trade associations, and the public sector. The custom market research firm is a sought-after authority on preferences, perceptions, and trends among the public sector and the contractors who serve them, offering deep domain expertise in information technology and telecommunications; healthcare; and education. For more information visit: