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Amidst historic inflation and global economic uncertainty, the pay and benefits for former and current civil servants remains a key concern for those seeking consistent and reliable compensation for the work they do.

Though the Social Security Administration recently announced the highest cost of living adjustment in decades, affecting millions of federal retirees, challenges in price reporting, energy costs, and other expenses can make even drastic changes feel insufficient. And with Federal Employees Health Benefits premiums also increasing for 2023, health insurance calculations offer yet another challenge for public sector employees trying to make ends meet.

Through panels, presentations, and everything in between, our editors and experts will share insights, advice, and what to keep in mind while dealing with the ups and downs of these complex issues and everything you need to know ahead of Open Season.

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Stephanie Baker, Chief Experience Officer, WAEPA

Taiwanna Smith, Director of Benefits, Wage, and Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Policy Line of Business, Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS)

Frank Konkel, Vice President, Editorial and Editor-at-Large, Nextgov/FCW

Erich Wagner, Senior Correspondent, Government Executive