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GovExec TV’s George Jackson conducts an in-depth interview with a top government official (past and present) about leadership – specifically, a time they successfully navigated their organization through crisis. The series is filmed over breakfast at the iconic Metro 29 Diner in Arlington Va. and broadcasts on a local TV news affiliate. 

Watch Episode 2 Featuring Danny Werfel! | May 30 at 9am ET | Register Now! 

In April of 2023, Danny Werfel was sworn in as 50th Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. It wasn’t his first rodeo. Werfel had already served a decade-and-a-half in government including seven months as Acting Commissioner of the IRS. Things looked very different this time around. A landmark piece of legislation called the Inflation Reduction Act served as a catalyst for new initiatives at the beleaguered agency. In this episode of Scrambled Werfel talks about his personal growth over the past 12 years, what he’s learned about the IRS, and how he’s applying those lessons in government leadership to the agency’s current transformation.

Watch Episode 1 Featuring Dr. Stacey Dixon! | March 5 at 9am ET | Register Now! 

In August of 2021, Dr. Stacey Dixon was sworn in as the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence. Her first few weeks on the job were intense – punctuated by the United States’ complete withdrawal from Afghanistan after two decades of war and a large buildup of Russian troops along the Ukranian border. In this episode of Scrambled Dixon talks about how she navigated those crises, how she managed the pressure, the long-term impact on the Intelligence Community, and more.