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Join us Tuesday, June 13th, 2023 | 2pm ET

Today’s government leaders are turning to next generation secure cloud solutions to support mission objectives. Evolving Executive Orders and OMB memos, as well as the National Cybersecurity Strategy, all acknowledge the range of benefits cloud services provide to security and resilience and a defense-in-depth approach to securing the mission at scale.

To support this shift, it is essential that government leaders take a collaborative approach to deliver robust solutions in partnership with the public and private sector, as well as explore new ways to work together to secure the cloud, the government, and the world.

While such work is invaluable towards constructing a safer IT infrastructure, it’s equally complex, and as technologies change and evolve, so too must the ways we approach them. With questions remaining on everything from successful migration operations to the role and replacement of legacy systems along the way, leaders need a smart understanding of best practices for building today’s solutions and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges in the face of evolving nation-state great actors.

In this webcast, join Mandiant/Google Cloud and GovExec as they sit down with experts across the public sector to discuss trends and explore solutions to secure the mission in the cloud at scale