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Tune in on December 12, 2023 at 2 pm ET!

In response to the urgent challenges posed by climate change the public sector has taken a proactive approach by embracing sustainability and environmentally friendly practices across most of its operations. However, to effectively tackle climate change, a comprehensive two-pronged strategy is essential. Leaders must accurately prepare for inevitable impacts through adaptation measures, while simultaneously striving to reduce emissions and enhance capabilities. A central aspect of this endeavor is fostering collaborative efforts to strengthen the resilience, reliability, and sustainability of critical infrastructure. So what initiatives are currently in progress, and which focus areas will be prioritized going forward?

During these thought-provoking conversations, sustainable leaders will explore the ongoing attempts aimed at creating a greener public sector. They will delve into the implementation of clean energy solutions and renewable technologies in operations. Additionally, they will examine how they incorporate sustainability standards into its procurement processes and encourage sustainable practices throughout their supply chain operation.

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