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GIST24 explores the missions, strategies, and operational goals that government agencies face in delivering successful mission outcomes and meeting the needs and expectations of citizens and other stakeholders, and the major role that AI is playing. Gartner foresees a transformative shift in 2024, projecting that 60% of government investments in AI and data analytics will directly shape operational decisions and outcomes.

GIST24 unravels practical insights, validated strategies, and real-world case studies that empower government agencies in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities within the realm of AI and data-driven decision-making. Esteemed federal leaders will delve into pivotal topics, including accelerating innovation with engineering excellence, pioneering technology for citizens' empowerment, gaining momentum in the global race for AI advantage, and how agencies are leveraging the TMF to finance high priority projects.

GIST24 is a platform for thought leadership but also a powerful networking opportunity. Connect with industry experts, technology partners, and fellow government IT professionals to forge new relationships and learn from each other's experiences.

Together, we will shape the future of government by harnessing the transformative superpower of data-driven innovation in action.

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