The Play-by-Play: Your Tactical Roadmap to Winning More Federal Contracts - Home
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Winning a federal contract requires collaboration across BD, Marketing, and Operations teams. Collaboration is key, but what exactly should you be doing and what are the expected deliverables?

Join GovExec’s experts through this four-part webinar series delving into the five overarching stages in the government contracting process:

  • Planning the contract
  • Soliciting bids
  • Evaluating bids 
  • Awarding contracts 
  • Managing the contract

We’ll cover each stage and what you need to do in order to emerge with a win. If you want actionable deliverables for your team, this webinar is for you! Register to watch any time, anywhere.

Part 1: Planning Contracts


Paige Elmore, Head of Customer Success, GovTribe

Susan Rose, Senior Director of Insights and Content, Government Business Council

Nick Wakeman, Editor-in-Chief, Washington Technology