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Modern IT technologies must go beyond the flexibility, agility, and reliability standards of
government agencies; they must be poised for the long term. That means systems ranging from military readiness to taxpayer services must be modernized, and leaders from the President to agency IT departments are making modernization a priority. But how do you assure a smooth process from planning to funding to execution and operation when there are so few successful examples to learn from?

Find out how to turn these mandates into action, funding, and impact from three experts with
rare real-world experience to share. Tune in to this webinar to hear the
secrets and strategies that drove highly successful modernization programs for the US Air Force and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In this panel discussion, the engineers and experts will reveal:

The insiders’ view on modernization of large-scale mainframe applications with levels
of automation above 99.9X%.
- A unique process to keep your software’s brilliance while modernizing to functionally
equivalent code in modern languages on the cloud.
Breakthrough insights from the first completed project funded through the Federal
Technology Modernization Fund.
Proven innovations to accelerate modernization projects from years down to months,
lowering Total Cost of Ownership by over 80%.
How it was all done with minimal disruption to mission-critical work and low code