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Don Russell

Regional Director of Payment Solutions


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Don Russell

Regional Director of Payment Solutions


Donald Russell is a Regional Director of Payment Solutions working with the public sector markets for Government and Higher Education.

  • Award-winning consultative sales leader with over 30 years experience.

  • Provides a unique fresh perspective to sales and business leadership, having served multiple industries, global leaders (Discover Card, Official Payments, and BAMS) and niche markets.

  • Has established a career signature for innovation, creativity and strategic business development skills.

  • Frequently selected as a “go to” leader to launch new products, build new markets, and establish vital relationships.

  • Gallup Strengths: Strategic, Arranger, Achiever, Responsibility and Communication.

Join us Oct 30th at 1:00 PM ET!

More than ever, people enjoy—and expect—the ability to pay for goods and services with digital options that are secure, streamlined, and convenient. A recent survey found that 73% prefer to shop and pay with digital methods, including in-app and peer-to-peer payments.

While government has traditionally been slower to integrate new technology (according to recent data U.S. Bank has collected, 53% of government finance professionals have said that their payment strategy is either “not very advanced” or “not advanced at all”), flexible cost reduction strategies make now the right time for government agencies to rethink how they serve their citizens.

Governments are uniquely positioned organizations because they provide services for every person that lives in their community. During this webinar, we’ll look at behavior patterns for different constituents and how that may affect the ways they prefer to pay for government services. We’ll explore the best technology to meet their payment preferences and how a cost reduction model, like a service fee program, can help offset the cost of processing their payments.


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