2021 National Security Forum - On Demand Detail

Equity and Inclusion in the Intelligence Community

Having a diverse workforce is beneficial to any business or organization. But for intelligence entities, diversity is not simply a benefit – it is a necessity. To remain effective in producing high-quality intelligence, the Intelligence Community (IC) must understand and properly evaluate the dynamic environment in which the US operates. This requires building and leveraging teams of experts from socially and culturally diverse backgrounds. During this session, you'll hear from leaders about the equity and inclusion initiatives taking place across the IC. They'll explain how they’re imposing changes to ensure that all voices are present at the table and that all employees have fair opportunities for success and advancement.


Nelson Lim, Director of Workforce, Development, and Health Program & RAND Project AIR FORCE, RAND
Lindsay Rodman, Executive Director, The Leadership Council for Women in National Security
Suzanne Wilson Heckenberg, President, INSA/INSF