2021 National Security Forum - On Demand Detail

Climate Impacts on Global Power Competition

Defense and intelligence officials agree that climate change is a threat to our national security.  As such, leaders must know how climate change affects other nations, how they will deal with the impacts, and how this could change the geopolitics and power balance around the world. This leads to the question: What does it mean if the Department of Defense (DoD) takes a posture that focuses on the strategic impact of climate change? During this session, we’ll examine climate change from a security perspective, discuss the role of the intelligence community in monitoring and mitigating the threats posed by climate change, and explore new ways of thinking about international intelligence cooperation.


Sherri Goodman, Senior Fellow, Senior Strategist, Woodrow Wilson International Center, Center for Climate and Security
Rolf Mowatt-Larssen, Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center
Erin Sikorsky, Director, The Center for Climate and Security & the International Military Council on Climate and Security
Jacqueline Feldscher, Senior National Security Correspondent, Defense One