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Join us Wednesday, December 14th at 1pm ET!

Department of Defense leaders see modern digital services as more than just a technological opportunity – but a warfighting imperative. As DoD fortifies digital transformation efforts to meet the needs of modern defense, they face complex- challenges and new innovations like 5G, digital twin and modeling and simulation. The advent of 5G – fifth-generation mobile communications – is creating a host of opportunities for government applications. A "smart warehouse" is delivering on optimization of the facility’s operations, including identification of materials and supplies, organization, storage, retrieval and transportation. To modernize the Department at mission speed, they needs to strengthen their IT base and allow new, innovative solutions to support the service members. During this installment of GovExec TV from I/ITSEC 2022, we’ll explore new digital solutions that can help DoD leaders maximize budgets, improve IT readiness, and speed up response times.