OPM | Hiring to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow Pt. 2 - Home
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Join us Thursday, October 12th at 11am ET

An investment in the Federal Government’s talent infrastructure is critical to ensure agencies have workforces who can effectively, efficiently, and equitably meet their missions. While speed matters, so does quality, and they must be balanced to achieve optimum hiring outcomes. OPM HR Solutions can help you expand recruiting efforts, improve the experience and satisfaction of hiring managers, and enable HR professionals to be strategic partners.

Join our panel of experts for a conversation on tips and tools for:

  1. Leveraging workforce planning, hiring assessments, and virtual onboarding

  2. Supporting large-scale hiring efforts through hiring pathways and candidate pools 

  3. Increasing staff capabilities through process and performance improvement, human-centered design, and HR technical training 

Interested in exploring strategies you can leverage to improve hiring for all stakeholders? Be sure to register for part one of this digital event series scheduled for October 5th.