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Join Us In-Person on Dec 6, 2023!

Carahsoft's Conference and Collaboration Center, 11493 Sunset Hills Rd., Reston, VA 20190

As government agencies of all kinds adopt the strategies necessary to shape their citizen services into streamlined platforms, leaders are increasingly turning to data as both a reference point for success and a technology apparatus for affecting change. In taking what was once a useful tool and making it an essential part of the complex modernization process, data and the tools used to analyze it has become invaluable for IT officials looking to create a government as effective as it is transparent, and to see its work in action.

But none of this is possible without modernized infrastructure, strong security protocols, and a clear vision for the road ahead. As citizen demands evolve, how can governments ensure the work they’re doing is as safe as it is productive? What can public and private sector officials learn from each other as they implement these new emerging technologies? And what challenges lie ahead to seeing data, and the results it brings, in action?

Join GovExec and Informatica in conversation with public sector experts on how they're using data to deliver transformative analysis, security, and CX solutions across their agencies.

Attendees will walk away from this event with a better understanding of:

  • The strategic applications of data in the public sector
  • How government entities can leverage data to optimize CX 
  • Data’s critical role in defending system security
  • The guiding impact of data on AI and automation

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3 Tips for Navigating Data Challenges in Automation

Government leaders leverage data as a key enabler for modernization, but ensuring safety and productivity requires modern infrastructure, security, and collaboration between public and private sectors. Download now to learn more.

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