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Artificial Intelligence is one of the most powerful technologies of our time and the Biden Administration wants to seize the opportunities that AI presents while managing its risks.  The Federal government has established an AI framework through the AI Executive Order (Safe, Secure and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence) that was signed on October 30, 2023. The proposed guidance "directs agencies to advance AI governance and innovation while managing risks from the use of AI, particularly those affecting the safety and rights of the public".  I'm joined today by the Federal CIO, Clare Martorana, and members of her team to discuss that order, what's happened on the requirements that it laid out, and what to look for in the months and years to come.


Biden's E.O. on AI


George Jackson, VP of Events, GovExec

Clare Martorana, Federal CIO, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), EOP

Conrad Stosz, Director of Artificial Intelligence, Executive Office of the President, OMB

Morgan Zimmerman, rtificial Intelligence Policy Analyst, OMB

Samantha Hubner, Artificial Intelligence Policy Advisor, Executive Office of the President, OMB