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Pioneering Technology for Citizen Empowerment

Empowering citizens through an enhanced digital interaction with the government has been a longstanding goal for public sector leaders. The intricate nature of systems, coupled with challenging platforms, often leads to a user experience that is anything but straightforward. Despite these obstacles, a thoughtfully executed human-centered design approach serves as the compass guiding the government’s journey to create a delightful experience. Actively engaging end users throughout the design process, as well as using analytics, not only ensures the creation of a more intuitive and user-friendly interface but also cultivates rapid innovations.

During this panel, experts will explore how human centered design combined with modern technology can empower citizens’ life events and deliver rapid innovations. They will set the stage for a transformative discussion emphasizing the importance of interacting with humans and using analytics to create intuitive and delightful citizen-centric digital services.


Aaron Stienstra, Sr. Customer Experience Strategist, Office of Management and Budget
Colt Whittall, Founder/CEO, BRAVO 17 (Former CXO, Dept of the Air Force)
Jacob Wright, Lead, Enterprise Analytics Practice, U.S. Census Bureau
Joseph VanDyke, Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Civilian, Riverbed
Susan Rose, Senior Director of Insights and Content, GovExec

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