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Breakout Track 2: Driving Decisions with Data-rich Government Services

Location: Theater
Data stands as the cornerstone, unlocking the full potential of cutting-edge technologies, particularly artificial intelligence. Government agencies, positioned at the forefront, are actively spearheading the development of innovative solutions aimed at maximizing the effective utilization of data.

This dialogue brings together technology leaders to delve into the transformative impact of data and offer practical insights into navigating the intricate intersection of data and technology. They will showcase strategies for constructing flexible and scalable data solutions, facilitating swift and informed decision-making across various scenarios—whether in the strategic confines of the boardroom or the dynamic and demanding environments of the battlefield.


Matt Gilkeson, Chief Data, Technology & AI Officer, Transportation Security Administration
Robert Keisler, Director Data Science and Analytics, Naval Information Warfare Systems Command
Dr. Matt Turek, Deputy Director, Information Innovation Office (I2O), DARPA
Sean Applegate, Chief Technology Officer, Swish

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