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Gaining Momentum in the Global Race for AI Advantage

Nations are immersed in a race to establish innovation superiority. Recognizing AI's potential to transform competitiveness, productivity, national security, and societal problem-solving, it is imperative for the U.S. to secure a leading position. However, within this race for AI supremacy, the United States faces a critical juncture where strategic decisions carry profound consequences.

This panel will explore the significance of AI leadership. It will meticulously analyze challenges and opportunities, with a focal point on the vital role of bold actions. The discussion aims to pinpoint strategic steps the U.S. should take for successful AI development, shedding light on how the nation can actively harness AI's transformative power for its benefit.


Jon Elliott, Chief of Test and Evaluation & Director of AI Assess and Assurance, DOD, CDAO
Ron Thompson, Founder, West River Consultancy, (former CDO, Deputy Digital Transformation Officer at NASA)
Glen Deskin, Head of Engineering & Cyber Security Evangelist, Office of the CTO, CheckPoint
Emily Wolfteich, Senior Industry Analyst, GovExec

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